SAN Data Recovery

Ontrack engineers have vast knowledge of all storage technology and can successfully recover data from the oldest to the most recent DAS, SAN, NAS and SDS configurations on the market. We support all vendors, media formats and operating systems.

As the complexity of storage solutions continues to increase, so too does the complexity of the data recovery process from these systems. Many modern storage systems use several layers of abstraction in order to provide a series of features to the end user, such as improved speed, scalability and fault tolerance. These features are of huge benefit while the system is running correctly, however if disaster strikes, the steps required to recover the data are far more complex than when using more traditional storage types.

While physical and mechanical failures do still occur, data loss in SAN type systems is more commonly the result of a human error – data stores or volumes are accidentally deleted; database tables are dropped, virtual systems are moved/deleted, or a RAID rebuild may be completed incorrectly. Furthermore, SAN based data storage is still susceptible to viruses, hacking and other security issues and at the end of the day, SAN based storage doesn’t mean that the underlying hardware is exempt from failure.

Regardless of the cause, if you have experienced any form of data loss in the cloud then contact Ontrack today for a free data recovery consultation and quote.

All Platforms, All Data Loss Situations & All Data Recovery Solutions

Technology in SAN based storage systems is evolving all the time. With pioneering research, our engineers have developed the expertise and proprietary tools to recover missing or corrupted data from all major manufacturers and vendors, and we also have the ability to create ad-hoc tools for recovery processes when required.

In addition, Ontrack offers customers a quick and cost effective way to recover their data with Remote Data Recovery. Our engineers are able to recover data via a secure internet connection. No need to disassemble or ship equipment. This service is exclusive to Ontrack and cannot be found at any other company.

Learn more about the Remote Data Recovery services from Ontrack which provide the most secure and fastest way to recover your lost cloud data.

Some of the common SAN we have supported:

  • NetApp (WAFL)
  • HP EVA, 3Par, and Lefthand
  • Dell EqualLogic and Compellent
  • EMC VNX, Isilon, Clariion

Common types of storage system failures

Regardless of the type of failure, Ontrack offers your best chance of recovering your critical business data. Common failures include:
System failures

  • Failed RAID rebuild
  • Failed hard disk drive(s)
  • Power surge
  • File System damage
  • Data Corruption
  • Metadata Corruption
  • Data management errors

Human error

  • Deleted snapshots
  • Snapshot management errors
  • Overwritten storage configuration
  • Formatted Volumes


For more information about SAN based recovery, contact us today on 1800806761 for a free consultation with one of our data recovery professionals and a free, obligation-free quote.