Desktop Recovery

Ontrack Data Recovery are the most trusted company for desktop and PC file recovery jobs.

With over 33 offices and 17 clean room facilities worldwide, Ontrack have the skills, tools and experience required to restore all of your lost, deleted and corrupt files from your personal desktop computer.

Our hardware, software and system engineers, along with dedicated customer service and data recovery specialists, provide world-leading service for desktop and PC file recovery customers.  Ontrack offers multiple data recovery service options for recovering lost or inaccessible data from desktops. Data recovery is available for:

  • Any operating system
  • Any make, model or brand; in fact, Ontrack Data services are recommended by major manufacturers
  • Any generation of drives from the oldest to the very newest
  • All causes of data loss – from simple to the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations, including forgotten or lost passwords, viruses, natural disasters, accidental deletion, system crashes, corruption, hardware failure and more

Signs that a desktop computer is likely to experience data loss:

If your desktop computer is experiencing any of the following then we advise turning off your computer immediately.

  • Strange noises or grinding sounds – if there is a problem with the read/write heads and they are not sitting in the correct position then they may be bumping, scratching or grinding against the hard drive platter that holds all of the data. This will cause irrepairable damage to your data, and the worse it gets, the less likely that Ontrack or any other data recovery services provider will be able to extract the remaining data from the drive.
  • Blue screen of death – the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ is an error screen displayed by some operating systems. It indicates that there has been some kind of system crash that may lead to a loss of data. If you see the ‘Blue Screen of Death’, contact Ontrack for a free phone consultation with one of our experienced data recovery engineers.
  • Unresponsiveness – if you have turned your desktop computer on and you are not receiving any response or if you are attempting to perform tasks on your PC and are not receiving any response, then shut the computer down and contact Ontrack for a free phone consultation to assess the situation.

What to do when your desktop PC is failing:

  • Turn off computer immediately – further operation may damage data beyond repair.
  • Do not restart computer.
  • Do not install or re-install any software.
  • Do not shake, disassemble or attempt to clean a suspected damaged hard drive – improper handling may cause more damage.
  • Do not use file recovery or other utility software to attempt repair for a damaged or failed drive without first discussing your data loss scenario with a data recovery specialist.
  • Do not attempt to dry a wet computer.
  • Never attempt to operate any visibly damaged devices.
  • Contact data recovery specialists providing Ontrack Data Recovery services immediately.

Leveraging long-term relationships with all major desktop manufacturers, Ontrack Research and Development teams have the leading-edge knowledge and tools to perform high-quality, successful recoveries, whether they be desktop hard drive recovery, disk recovery or file recovery.