Server Data Recovery

Recovering lost server data and experiencing extended downtime to retrieve server files and restore network information can cost organisations thousands or even millions of dollars.

Ontrack Data Recovery engineers recover lost data from file servers, restore application servers, retrieve lost Web server data, recover virtual server data and any direct-attached RAID, network attached storage, and very large storage area network (SAN) systems. We have a proven track record for saving businesses from failure due to server crashes and data loss

Server Recovery Services

Through our propriety data recovery technology and extensive team of nearly 200 Ontrack Data Recovery engineers worldwide, Ontrack consistently deliver the best in server recovery services. If your business has suffered a data loss or corruption of any one of your servers, then utilise the almost 30 years of data recovery experience and expertise at Ontrack to give the business-critical data on your server the best chance of recovery.

All Crashed and Corrupted Servers

Given the vast array of purposes that a server can have, Ontrack have developed a large catalog of server recovery solutions. And if we don’t have a solution yet then we have one of the largest research and development laboratories globally for a data recovery business.

Server Purpose Ontrack Data Recovery Solutions
Microsoft Exchange and other email servers Ontrack has specialised recovery solutions for inaccessible email databases and missing, corrupted or deleted messages or mailboxes. Ontrack provides a flexible yet powerful solution for exchange email server recovery.

File Server File servers can take on many different shapes and sizes, but rest assured that Ontrack has experience in recovering data from all different hardware storage device configurations, including:

  • Network Attached Storage servers
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Direct Attached Storage
  • Cloud Storage
Database server As an industry partner with certified developers status with Apple, Microsoft, Sun and VMware, we are best positioned to assist with a range of common database errors, including:

  • Database corruption
  • Torn pages
  • System table abnormalities
Microsoft SharePoint Server As with Ontrack PowerControls for Microsoft Exchange, Ontrack PowerControls for Microsoft SharePoint allows administrators to quickly and easily find, recover and restore Microsoft Office SharePoint server items including:

  • Entire SharePoint sites
  • Documents
  • Lists
  • Libraries and folders
Web Server Not many businesses can do without their web server, which is why Ontrack can assist at any time, day or night in the event of a data loss. These can include:

  • Apache servers
  • IIS Servers
  • Novell servers
  • Lotus Domino servers
Virtual Servers Virtual servers have reduced the cost of hosting a network and physical hardware, but with it increasing the backend complexity of these systems. Ontrack has a developer partnership with VMware, but in addition is uniquely able to recover from all the main virtual server technologies.
Custom Application Servers With almost 30 years’ of experience in data recovery, the expertise of 25 offices and over 200 data recovery engineers around the world, and the world’s largest data recovery research and development lab, Ontrack is best placed to assist you in any data loss situation.
Microsoft SQL Server Ontrack® PowerControls™ for SQL restores Microsoft® SQL Server® tables without having to restore the entire database.

  • Restore just the table you need – not the entire database
  • Preview content before restoration
  • Drag and drop copied tables directly to the desired environment
  • Spend minutes restoring versus hours or days
  • Achieve an ROI well beyond the cost of the tool
  • Supports Snapshots or native SQL backups