RAID Recovery

Hard drive data recovery becomes more complicated when multiple failed drives are a part of a RAID array

Redundant Array of Independent (originally Inexpensive) Disks (RAID) storage has revolutionised enterprise data storage technology, building the peace of mind of redundancy (from RAID 1 & above) which can greatly minimise downtime suffered due to individual drive failures. Unfortunately though, RAID storage isn’t a perfect technology and as a result data loss can still occur.

Ontrack can provide unmatched proprietary capabilities and resources when a RAID recovery is required. With almost 30 years of experience and the expertise of a global network of Research and Development Recovery Engineers, nobody gives you a better chance at recovering your business-critical lost data.

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Our data recovery expert will assess your situation by:

  • Confirming your hardware, RAID configuration, virtualisation software and back up procedure.
  • Assess the data loss situation and possible failure points.
  • Providing tips to prevent further data loss.
  • Assess the possibility of a Remote Data Recovery.
  • Advise on preparations for an in-lab data recovery.

RAID Data Storage Levels

As technology evolves the flexibility and capabilities of data storage technology are only going to expand, though coming with it the complexity of the systems themselves. Already we have seen RAID levels expand from RAID 0 all the way through to RAID 51 (and beyond).

Ontrack has the skills, proprietary tools and experience to recover from all RAID levels including:

RAID 0+1

Unfortunately data loss risk doesn’t limit itself to the RAID controller – the piece of hardware which manages and indexes where each packet of data is stored across each of the drives – individual drives can – and will – fail at some point in their lifetime. When this does happen, assuming it is a RAID 1 or greater, the faulty drive can just be replaced with a new one and have the data storage map rebuilt with zero data loss. Though if a drive failure exceeds the redundancy capacity of the RAID array, trust Ontrack to give you the best chance at rebuilding your RAID array and recovering your data.

Modern RAID Arrays

Given the highly complicated and technical nature of modern RAID arrays and how they can be utilised with other highly complicated technologies for significant efficiency and cost benefits, such as virtualisation. It is not uncommon for one of these technologies to suffer a fault, and then combined with other highly complex technologies to potentially cause significant data loss which can cost businesses millions in downtime.

Modern RAID arrays can also utilise multiple file systems, like BTRFS or ZFS at hardware level, with NTFS or HFS layered over the top for application support via virtualisation. In the event that one of these file systems have a data loss, Ontrack can utilise its wealth of experience to assist with your RAID recovery.

Through our Ontrack Data Recovery services, Ontrack are able to provide unmatched resources and proprietary technology to offer full RAID data recovery services, which many data recovery providers cannot offer. Contact us today on 1800806761 for a free consultation and obligation-free quote.