Oracle Database Recovery

Recovering Data From Oracle Databases

Ontrack have the most extensive range of tools to recover Oracle databases, solve Oracle data loss incidents on multiple platforms and restore Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtual Machines. We have proprietary techniques and a dedicated Oracle data recovery toolset designed to retrieve the row data contained within missing or damaged database files.

We offer a free data recovery consultation service to assist you in preventing any further damage to your data – call 1800806761 to speak to an Oracle data recovery specialist today.

Some of the most common causes of Oracle data loss can include:

Steps to recovering data from Oracle databases

  • Search & Extract – if the database file is inaccessible due to hardware issues the storage device is repaired. If the file is missing, deleted or truncated, the file system is adjusted to point to the correct data stream. If there are not any pointers remaining, the entire data area is searched to find and extract Oracle database data.
  • Analyse & Report – The Ontrack proprietary Oracle toolset analyses the complex internal structures of the extracted .DBF (or .ORA) files and provide reports detailing the recoverable tables and the number of data rows.
  • Recover – The table data is copied into a SQL_LDR script to be imported into a new Oracle database.

Recovering Data From Oracle Linux System

With its Ontrack Data Recovery repair and recovery tools for Linux file systems including EXT3, EXT4, XFS, Reiser, JFS and GFS, Ontrack is unique in its abilities to recover data from systems running Oracle Linux.

Some common causes of data loss in Oracle Linux file systems include:

  • File system or data corruption
  • LVM corruption
  • Deleted or partially overwritten data
  • RAID and storage/server hardware failures

Recovering Data From Oracle VM

Data loss on virtual environments often has a high impact on the user organisation, as multiple virtual machines are often affected by a single technical failure or human error. Virtualisation brings an extra layer of complexity to a host system and when data loss occurs, Ontrack has the tools to respond. Ontrack supports file formats including VHD, VDI and VMDK which can be used by Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Some common causes of data loss in Oracle VM environments include:

  • Guest and host file system corruption.
  • Deleted virtual machines and snapshots.
  • Internal virtual disk corruption.
  • RAID and other storage/server hardware failures.
  • Deleted or corrupt files contained within the virtual disk.

If you have experienced any kind of Oracle data loss, contact us today on 1800806761 for a free consultation – our server and database recovery specialist will walk you through the best steps to take to prevent further damage and file loss, and provide you with a free recovery quote if required.